3 Things to Know About Upgrading Your Emergency Telephone System for Lifts

As you begin to upgrade your emergency phone services for your building, you may overlook the lifts. The truth is the phone in the lift is vitally important for safety and for reducing the liability on your business. If people do get trapped in the lift due to a power outage, or if an after hours worker becomes trapped in the lift, you will need to have reliable emergency phone systems. One of the upgrades you can use is a 4G lift phone. Before you have this installed, there are a few things you should know.


The first thing you need to consider when trying to choose the right upgrade and 4G lift phone are the features. The features you will want depend greatly on the size of your building and the location. However, some features will be standard options you should consider. For example, a battery backup option should be something you look for. This means, when all else fails, the phone will still have a power supply backup. You should also consider features such as SMS communication for texting if voice communication is not possible and remote maintenance so someone can take over the phone and operation if necessary. 

Connection Options

You may find that the 4G lift phone you consider has options for networking. This networking means that the phone can be directly to a security company or the local police and rescue service. You can also choose to allow the networking to allow for outbound calls to anywhere while also alerting local fire and rescue teams. Connection options are based on what is best for your company, the safety of the people using your lifts, and your liability insurance that may dictate how the calls should be handled for safety and rescue procedures.

Lift Monitoring

One of the considerations with the 4G lift phone you choose will be if you want lift monitoring as well. Lift monitoring means the 4G phone may be connected to a video system that begins recording and working at the moment of the phone being used. This allows the security or rescue team to see into the lift and determine if there are any issues they should be concerned with, like a safety issue or an issue with someone in the lift. You can choose to have the monitoring based on a manual option as well that allows your security team to monitor the lift both verbally and visually.

By keeping these three things in mind regarding 4G lift phones and emergency phone system upgrades, you can make a strong choice as to how you want to proceed. If you are ready to proceed with the upgrade, consider contacting your local lift phone dealer. They can help with questions, orders and installation.