Data Cabling Systems: Four Factors to Consider

Due to the growing demand for bandwidth in the business world, business owners have turned to structured cabling as a solution. Data cabling is the installation of telecommunication equipment ranging from optical fiber cables to server rooms for the purpose of improving communication within the office as well with other satellite offices. Adequately planned data cabling ensures a smooth and uninterrupted flow of information for the organization as well as facilitating the sharing of resources via a network. [Read More]

Features to Look For When Selecting a New Mobile Whiteboard

Mobile whiteboards are used by a variety of businesses; this can mean any type of business that needs to make presentations to their staff, as well as restaurants that use whiteboards to advertise today's menu and classrooms that don't want to use wasteful chalkboards and chalk. Whatever your reasons for getting a mobile whiteboard, note a few features you'll want to consider so you know you'll get one that works with today's technology and for your needs in particular. [Read More]

Features To Consider When Investing In a Business Phone System

If you own a business, phone systems are essential for your organisations operations. However, investing in a business phone system is not just about trying to find the cheapest option that you can get. Your choice of business phone system will not only improve on the operations of your business but also can have a significant impact when it comes to gaining a competitive edge over other rivals in your industry. [Read More]