Tips to Ensure Your Data Cabling Installation Functions Efficiently

Your data centre is the all-important data infrastructure that can help you take your business to great heights of success. But for it to serve you well, you need to know how to get efficient service from it. By following these data cabling tips, you will be on the right track in ensuring you get the most out of your data centre. Do not let your cabling heat up Data centres have the potential to create a lot of heat. [Read More]

Office Copying Devices and Their Uses

Modern offices have a wide range of technologies in them these days, from network-ready projectors to video conferencing equipment. Although photocopiers have been around since the 1960s, they are still very much in use in Australia. Nowadays, leading copier manufacturers produce multi-function units which can do a variety of jobs. Let's compare the number of contemporary copying devices still in common use today. Scanners A digitising form of technology, scanners convert paperwork into documents which can be viewed on a screen. [Read More]

The Benefits of RJ45 Connectors Explained

When you plug a network device into a local area network, or LAN, it is highly likely that you will be doing so with an RJ45 jack. Although some networks rely on other types of connectors, such as BNC, RJ45s are now the norm in the majority of Australian offices and homes. One of the chief advantages of an RJ45 connector is that it is easy to plug in and remove with no specialist IT skills being required. [Read More]

Data Cabling Systems: Four Factors to Consider

Due to the growing demand for bandwidth in the business world, business owners have turned to structured cabling as a solution. Data cabling is the installation of telecommunication equipment ranging from optical fiber cables to server rooms for the purpose of improving communication within the office as well with other satellite offices. Adequately planned data cabling ensures a smooth and uninterrupted flow of information for the organization as well as facilitating the sharing of resources via a network. [Read More]